Creating a token using a transaction

This action allows the user to create a token of the payment method used for the payment.

This action is authorized only if the original transaction status is:
  • accepted
  • to be validated
  • waiting for capture
  • captured
  • capture in progress

The payment method used for the original transaction must:
  • support payment by token,
  • be supported by a non-terminated MID associated with the shop.

Token creation leads to creating a transaction of VERIFICATION type and sending the following notifications (if the Merchant has enabled the corresponding rules):
  • Instant Payment Notification URL on an operation coming from the Back Office,
  • Confirmation e-mail of token creation sent to the merchant,
  • Confirmation e-mail of token creation sent to the buyer.

A line will be added to the detail summary of the original transaction in order to track the transaction.

To create a token:

  1. Right-click the transaction.
  2. Select Create a token using a transaction.
    The token creation wizard appears.
  3. Enter the Buyer e-mail e-mail address.
  4. A token is generated by default in the Token ID field. You can click on the button Generate a new identifier if you wish.
    You also can enter your own token. You must, however, make sure it is unique.
  5. If you wish, you can select the used currency when checking the payment method.

    This choice is useful when you have a multi-currency agreement associated with several shops, where each shop only supports one currency.

    It will always be possible to use the token for making payments in any currency supported by the agreement.

  6. Click Next.
    The buyer detail entry page appears.
    The Token section reminds you of the specified e-mail and the created token.
  7. Fill in the information about the buyer.

    These details are useful for buyer identification.

    Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

  8. Click Create to complete the process.

If all the payment method verification processes have been successfully completed, the token detail window appears.

It mentions the Token ID. It corresponds to the newly created token. Later on, it can be used for another financial operation in your shop(s).


The token will not be created if the authorization or information request is rejected.