error 07

In PRODUCTION mode, if your Buyer gets an error message such as:

An error occurred during the payment request, please make sure that the posted parameters match the ones specified in the documentation.

It becomes impossible to make the payment and the transaction is definitively lost.

You will receive an e-mail notification containing the form that the gateway was unable to process and the value of the invalid field.

We invite you to check the following reason(s) to resolve the issue:

The vads_payment_config variable has not been sent to the payment gateway.

The vads_payment_config field is mandatory. It must be present and correctly populated in the payment form.

Make sure the amount is submitted to the payment gateway.

For a single payment, the value of vads_payment_config must be set to SINGLE.

Make sure that the vads_payment_config variable sent in the form is equal to SINGLE in uppercase letters.



Your payment is an installment payment.

Make sure that you respect the following rules.

MULTI indicates an installment payment. In this case, the parameter is composed of the "MULTI:" chain, followed by key / value pairs separated by " ;". The parameters are:
  • first indicates the amount of the first installment,
  • count indicates the number of installments,
  • period indicates the interval in days between 2 installments.

The order of the fields associated with MULTI is imposed.



Reminder :

The amount must be expressed in the smallest unit of the used currency.

For example, in EUR for 50 EUR the value to be transmitted is "5000".

With these settings, if the total amount to be paid is 100 EUR:
  • A first installment of 50 EUR will be made.
  • A second installment of 25 EUR will be made 30 days later.
  • A third installment of 25 EUR will be made 60 days later.