Knowing how to generate files

Expiring card files are generated every 1st of every month at 4:00 UTC.

They contain all the tokens associated with an expiring payment methods, i.e whose expiry date is close.

A payment method is considered close to expiration if the difference between the payment method end of validity and the current date is less than or equal to X months.

X represents a digit that can be configured by the merchant in the menu Settings > Company > [Recurring payment settings] tab of the Merchant Back Office.

The default value is 2 months.

Expiring card files have the following structure:
  • A header record containing task information.
  • A variable number of records containing information about tokens and possible recurrences close to expiration.
  • A trailer record that allows to verify the consistency of the transmitted file.

For applicable fields, the "Equivalence" column corresponds to the used fields in the payment page form.