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In order to proceed for payment of INTERNATIONAL AEROGEL SEMINAR 2022 registration fees by credit card, please fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

Will you please find below some helps regarding formula use : 

- The total amount to pay should be filled in"Montant à régler" area. 
- Will you please precise the participant name (s) / intitution or company and invoice number (if you allready have it) in the dedicated area
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- A new page will open in which you will have to check your data and confirm them thanks to "confirmer" button
- the following pages could be obtained in English (change the language on right corner of the menu).

As a reminder, you will find below the INTERNATIONAL AEROGEL SEMINAR 2022 registration fees (all taxes included) . 

Full : 300 € 
Students :  250 €

If you have any problem during processing payment, please contact us at 

Batiment Ineed 1 Rue Marc Seguin
26300 ALIXAN
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