Header customization

The payment pages header is compatible with any type of device (cell phones, tablets, desktop computers...).

To customize it:

  1. Select a Type from the list:
    • None
      Payment pages will be displayed without any header.
    • Default banner
      Payment pages will contain a header that displays the name of the payment gateway.
    • Custom image
      Payment pages will contain a custom header.
    The header can be customized with two types of images:
    • Image
      A single image aligned to the left top corner of the header.
    • Repeated images
      Several repeated images filling the whole width of the header.
    To customize these images and their position:
  2. Click on the Import button (Image and/or Repeated image).
    The Import a new image dialog box appears.
  3. Click on Select a file to search for the image that you wish to import.
  4. Select the desired image.
    • The size of the image file must not exceed 1 Mb.
    • The supported formats are jpeg, gif, png, bmp, pgm and tiff.
  5. Click on Import.
    The image is now displayed in the dialog box Import an image.
  6. Select the image that you wish to add to the header of payment pages.
  7. Click on Select.
    To customize the image vertical position:
    1. Move the slider of the Vertical position setting to obtain a desired position.
  8. Click on Save to save your customization.