Integrating the shop logo into e-mails and payment pages

  1. Click on Import in the Customize the logo of the shop window.
    The Logo import dialog box appears.
  2. Click Browse.
    • size: the logo must not exceed 1 Mb n size
    • dimension: the recommended dimension for this image is of 312 pixels wide x 104 pixels high
    • format: the supported formats arejpeg, gif, png, bmp, pgm and tiff
  3. Select the file.
    The file name is displayed in the Logo import dialog box.
  4. Click Import to finalize the selection.
    A message appears to inform you of the status of the import.
    Once the download is completed, the logo will be displayed in the tab.
    The logo is automatically resized to 104 pixels high * 312 pixels wide and converted to PNG.