Configuring a field

This configuration allows you to update the list of existing fields.

To configure a field:

  1. Select the field in List of available fields of the Form management tab.

    Field details appear in Configuration of the selected field. Not all data can be changed in the default fields.

  2. Make the desired changes.

    Example of configuration of a default field:

    • Customize the text of the Tooltip.
      The tooltip is the information displayed when the cursor hovers over an element that helps the Buyer when filling in information.

    • In Minimum length, redefine the minimal number of characters.

    • In Maximum length, redefine the maximal number of characters.

    • Select the Field to confirm checkbox if you want the buyer to confirm the entry of the field value.
      For instance, enter an e-mail and confirm the entry in another field to make sure that the specified address is valid.
  3. Duplicate the selected field by clicking Copy.

    This action is used for creating an identical field that you can customize.

  4. Delete the selected field by clicking Remove if it is a field that was created by you.

    Default fields cannot be deleted.

  5. Select a field to move it. You can:
    • Send it to the mandatory field area, using the Required button or the drag and drop feature.
    • Send it to the optional field area, using the Optional button or the drag and drop feature.


When one or several description fields (Info 1, Info 2, Infos 3) are used in a transaction, their values can be viewed in the Extras tab of the transaction details available in the Merchant Back Office.

Transactions can be viewed via the Management > Transactions menu.

To view the details of a transaction:
  1. Select the transaction
  2. Rick click and select Display transaction details.
  3. Click Extras to view the new field.

    In this example, the merchant renamed the Info 1 field to "Product color" when building the form. The buyer entered Silver in the purchase form.

You can also find the value in your transaction report in the RETURN_CONTEXT column.