Generating a URL

The Merchant has the possibility to pre-fill a data collection form and generate a URL for accessing this form.

The Merchant locks one or more fields and enters the values that they wish to display by default in this form.

  1. In the Form management tab, click Generate a URL at the bottom of the page.
    The URL generation page appears
  2. Select one or several fields that you wish to lock by checking the corresponding box.
  3. Click the corresponding Default value field and enter the desired value.
    For example, the Merchant can pre-fill the Buyer’s coordinates, the amount to be paid, the provided service, a supporting message, etc.
    If no values have been entered, the locked field will remain grayed out and will not be editable in the generated form.
    The locked fields and the specified information are added in the payment URL.

  4. Your pre-filled link is ready.
    Two ways of retrieving the value of the URL:
    • Select and copy the value of the URL in the generated URL field.
    • Or click the Open the link in a new window icon.
      The generated URL appears on a web page.

After checking the web page, you can save the URL or send it by e-mail to the Buyer. All you need to do is paste the URL in the body of the message.

By clicking the hyperlink received by e-mail, the Buyer will display the pre-filled data collection form.