Presentation of the service

The payment gateway provides its clients with the Data collection form service.

This solution is destined to merchants who do not have an e-commerce website but wish to offer their clients the opportunity to pay online.

The principle is simple:

  • The payment gateway provides you with a data collection form hosting service.
    You build your data collection form by inserting as many fields as you wish with all the functionalities of a form (mandatory, optional and pre-filled fields, etc.).
  • Your client uses this form to enter the amount of their transaction and personal details (first and last name, address, etc.).
  • After the client has validated the form and accepted the privacy policy, they are automatically redirected to the payment page.
  • The client makes an online payment.

The form can only be used with one currency.

The process of implementing Data collection form is very simple. There is no need to have any knowledge about development or technical skills.

In order to allow your clients to pay online via the data collection form, follow these steps:

  • In your Merchant Back Office (to be done only the first time or if the form is updated in production)
    • Step 1: make the necessary configurations for the form.
    • Step 2: request to upload your form online.

    The Merchant Back Office provides the URL that allows to access the form.

  • Step 3: send the URL to your clients by e-mail (via your own means or using the pay by e-mail function of the Merchant Back Office or via Web Services, if the function is available).


This document provides information only on configuring and using the collection form. For information on:

  • Personalizing your logo on payment pages and in buyer e-mails, see the Shop logo customization user manual.
  • Managing payment orders by e-mail, see the Payment orders user manual.
  • Manual payments, see the MOTO payment user manual.
  • Managing your Back Office, see the Transaction management user manual.