Customizing the body of the message to be sent

The merchant has the option to change the subject and body of the message containing the payment link.

By default, the e-mail containing the payment link has the following subject: “Your payment order”.

The default message is:

Message sent by %shop_name%


This e-mail contains a payment order of %amount% valid until %end_date%. To confirm the payment, click on the following link:


If you encounter any difficulties or if this message is not correctly displayed, contact %shop_contact%.

If you want to access the online shop: %shop_url%

It contains variables surrounded by two “%” that allow to dynamically display the associated values (e.g. %amount%).

The table below lists the available variables:

Variables Description Required
%reference% Payment order reference.

Corresponds to the field Reference

of the Order details section.

Amount to be paid.

Corresponds to the Amount field of the Order details section.
%start_date% The date of payment order creation.


When editing a payment order, this variable is set to the creation date registered at the time of the creation. This value cannot be edited.

%end_date% Link expiration date.

Corresponds to the field Exp. date

of the Order details section.

Shop name defined in the shop configuration.

%url% Payment link.

This link indicates:

  • The amount
  • The expiration date of the payment order (if provided)

A click on the link allows to access the payment page.


If the %url% variable is not included in the body of the message, the payment link will be automatically inserted at the end of the message.

%shop_contact% E-mail address to contact in case an issue occurs.
The e-mail address corresponds to:
  • The e-mail address of the shop administrator, if you specified it when the shop was registered.
  • Otherwise, the e-mail address of the shop administrator.

The e-mail address of the shop administrator can be changed via the Merchant Back Office (Settings > Shop > Configuration).

%shop_url% URL of the merchant website that is defined in the shop configuration. No

Example of using variables for customizing the subject of the message:
Subject: Offer %reference% valid from %start_date% to %end_date% for %amount%

Subject: Offer 1234 valid from XX/XX/20XX to XX/XX/20XX of EUR 100