Requesting for the payment method to be saved

If you have signed up for the Management of payments by token service, you can offer your clients the possibility to associate a token with a payment method, in order to facilitate their future payments on the website (no more need to re-enter the credit card number ).

Tokens allow you to:

  • Make fast and secure payments.

    For the buyer - avoid filling in bank details when making subsequent payments (1-click payment).

    The gateway stores the bank details in a highly secure environment, in accordance with the PCI-DSS requirements. Only the token is transferred during the exchange.

  • Make recurring payments (subscriptions).

The Token creation during the payment section contains three options:

  • Do not create a token

    Default value. Allows to create a payment order without registering the payment method.

  • Offer the buyer to create a token

    Allows to display a checkbox on the payment page. If the buyer checks it, the payment method is registered.

    The token is visible in the transaction details (Buyer tab).

  • Automatically create a token

    Allows to automatically register the payment method.

    The token is visible in the transaction details (Buyer tab).

It will not be possible to request payment method registration if you have enabled the use of the data collection form.