Available operations for an expired payment order

If the payment order sent to your client has expired, it is possible to allow the client to perform his/her payment again. To do so, right-click on the order and select Change the validity date of the order (see procedure below).

The following operations are available by right-clicking an expired payment order (payment has not been performed and expiry date has passed):

  • Display order details

    The details of a payment order are divided into 2 tabs. They present respectively: the general information and a reminder of the message sent to the buyer.

  • Display the sent message

    Display a preview of the message sent to the buyer.

  • Change and resend the order

    Allows to modify the initial payment order and resend it to the buyer.

    The updated payment order will be resent by clicking the Send button.

  • Change the validity date of the order

    Allows to modify the expiry date of the payment order if it has already expired.

    The payment order validity period proposed by default when modifying the order can be configured via the Merchant Back Office (Settings > Shop > Configuration menu).

    Warning: the payment order is not automatically reissued. However, the buyer can perform the payment again from the existing order that was identified as expired.

  • Create from the selected order

    Allows to create a new order based on this order. All the initial order data is included, except the reference.