Managing 3DSecure preference

It is recommended to edit the default value with caution.

An incorrect preference may result in loss of liability shift to the issuer in the event of a chargeback.

If your shop has the required options, you can change the 3D Secure preference to be used when paying for the order. To do this, expand the “3D Secure preference for card payment” section.

By default, the choice of the preference is transferred to the card issuer (No Preference).

The available combinations depend on the shop options. For example:
  • Deactivation of 3DS1 is only available if the shop has the “Selective 3DS1” option.
  • Authentication without buyer interaction (Frictionless) is only available if the shop has the “Frictionless 3DS2” option.

For each preference, assistance is available via the “?” symbol.


Under PSD2, strong authentication is required when registering a card. Thus, if you have requested the registration of the payment method, you will not be able to change the 3D Secure preference.