Sending a payment order to a list of recipients

It is possible to send a payment order to a list of recipients.

In this case, one payment order is created for each recipient. There are therefore as many payment orders as recipients.

After payment, each transaction corresponds to a unique recipient.

In order to identify the created orders, the Reference field is incremented by 1 to 3 numeric characters.

These characters are concatenated with the reference with a hyphen. For example: [ref]-001, [ref]-002, [ref]-003.

Example of a payment order sent to 3 recipients with the reference: “Recovery”. Three orders are created with the following references:

  • Recovery-001
  • Recovery-002
  • Recovery-003

To send a payment order to multiple recipients, specify the list of recipients separated by “;”, in the To field of the Message to be sent section.



The number of recipients is unlimited.