Simplified creation

This simplified procedure allows the merchant to generate a payment link that will be inserted in a document (for example, a commercial proposal) sent by e-mail or by post (the link is available as a QR code to be pasted in the document).

With this solution, the merchant can fully customize the message, attach a document, such as a logo or a quote, if desired.

The merchant can also simply retrieve the body of the message generated by the gateway in order to use it in the message that will be sent to the buyer.

The message is sent by the merchant.

Via the payment order details view:

  1. Click Add.
  2. Select Create an order via a URL.
  3. Select a shop (this step appears if you have several shops).
    If the company has only one shop, payment orders can be created directly.
    The dialog box Creation of a URL payment order appears.
  4. In the Order details section, enter:
    • The order Reference (64 alphanumeric characters maximum)
    • The transaction Amount
  5. In the Buyer details section, enter the buyer’s e-mail address used for sending the payment receipt.

    Requires the activation of the Payment confirmation e-mail sent to the buyer notification rule.

  6. Click the Validate button to create the payment order.
  7. Once the order is created, the payment link appears:
    You can:
    • Copy the URL
    • Copy the link with the message
    • Save the QR Code as an image (right click, “Save image as”).

    It is possible that in some browsers the Copy to clipboard button may not work. In this case, you can select the content and copy-paste it using the “Ctrl+C” shortcut.

    A message confirms that a copy has been made. After that, simply paste the link or the QR Code to the medium of your choice to send the message.