Viewing the created payment order

Once a payment order has been created, it can be viewed in the Merchant Back Office.

Select the Management > Payment orders menu.


In addition to the information related to the payment order, the Merchant Back Office displays:
  • The payment order status
    When the payment order is created, its status is In progress.
    When the buyer has completed his/her payment, its status is Finalized.
    If the buyer does not perform his/her payment before the order expiry date, its status is Expired.
  • The delivery status
    When the payment order is created, its status is In progress Orders by URL maintain the Manual submission status until the merchant manually changes it to Sent.
    When the payment order is sent, its status is Sent.
    The Merchant Back Office updates statuses every 15 minutes.
  • Transaction number
    Order transaction number is generated when the payment order status is Finalized.
    A finalized transaction is also displayed in the Transactions is progress tab via the Management > Transactions menu. Furthermore, in the details of this transaction, the payment source of the Payment order by e-mail is mentioned, for instance.
The list of displayed columns can be customized. To view and customize this list:
  1. Place the mouse pointer on a column header.
  2. Select Columns in the context menu.
    The available columns are:
    Figure 1. Column customization
  3. Check or un-check the desired columns.
The merchant can also sort payment orders depending on the selected column by selecting Sort ascending or Sort descending.