These reports are not generated by the payment gateway by default.

The merchant must configure the frequency of reports delivery via the Merchant Back Office (see chapter Setting the reception frequency).

Once the frequency has been chosen, reports can be provided:
  • by e-mail

    To do so, the merchant must configure the destination e-mail address via the Merchant Back Office (see chapter Setting up reception by e-mail).

  • via your SFTP space

    If the merchant requests it, the files are deposited in the /log directory of the SFTP space provided by the payment gateway.

Reports are generated and sent by e-mail from 11 a.m.

They become available on the SFTP server immediately after synchronization at 1 p.m.

Note concerning the TEST mode

In order to obtain the reconciliation log in TEST mode, you must manually reconcile TEST transactions via your Merchant Back Office:

  1. From the Captured transactions tab, look for the relevant transaction.
  2. Right-click the transaction.
  3. Select Manual reconciliation.
  4. Click Yes to confirm the manual reconciliation of the selected transaction.
    The Comment dialog box appears.
  5. Enter a comment for this reconciliation.
  6. Click OK.