Understanding the structure of a bank reconciliation report V1

The "Titre" (Title) record

The Title record provides information about the file characteristics for a better identification. It is populated as follows:

Pos. Description Values
01 Record code TITRE
02 Shop name
03 Delivery date and time (YY/MM/DD_hh:mm:ss)
04 Version TABLE_V1

The "Entête" (Header) and "Details" records

The Header lists the various labels to be populated in the report. The information in Details populates the labels of the Header record for each transaction. The possible labels and values are presented in the following table:

Pos. "Entête" (Header) record "Details" record
Label Description Possible value Meaning
01 ENTETE Record code MATCHING  
02 MERCHANT_COUNTRY Merchant's country   Example: FR for France
03 MERCHANT_ID Merchant ID   Examples:

0+SIRET (Business Directory Identification System) in France.

0+CRN (Company Registration Number) in United-Kingdom

0+NIF (Numero de Identificación Fiscal) in Spain

04 CONTRACT Merchant ID number    
05 PAYMENT_DATE Payment date YYYYMMDD format
06 TRANSACTION_ID Transaction identifier equivalent to vads_trans_id  
07 ORIGIN_AMOUNT Transaction amount in the original currency (expressed in the smallest currency unit)    
08 CURRENCY_CODE Code of the transaction currency  

See table vads_currency for more examples.

09 CARD_TYPE Card type    
10 ORDER_ID Order reference    
11 RETURN_CONTEXT Context of a buyer's purchase   One or several details (order_info, order_info2, order_info3, etc.) separated by the "|" character
12 CUSTOMER_ID Buyer ID    
13 OPERATION_TYPE Type of operation DT Debit
CT Credit
14 OPERATION_NUMBER Operation sequence number    
15 REMITTANCE_DATE Capture date   YYYYMMDD format
16 REMITTANCE_TIME Capture time    
17 BRUT_AMOUNT Gross amount of a captured transaction (expressed in the smallest currency unit)    
18 MATCH_STATUS Reconciliation status MATCH_OK Reconciliation made
19 REMITTANCE_NB Capture number    
20 NET_AMOUNT Net amount (expressed in the smallest currency unit)   Specified only if the reconciliation is done automatically and the sued card is not a private card
21 COMMISSION_AMOUNT Commission fee amount (expressed in the smallest currency unit)  
22 COMMISSION_CURRENCY Commission currency  

The "Fin" (End) record

Pos. Description Values
01 Record code FIN

Example of a file

This extract from the bank reconciliation report (JRB) shows:

  • a line of the Title record,
  • a line of the Header record,
  • two lines from the Details record each beginning with MATCHING,
  • a Fin (End) record line that marks the end of the document.