Configuring the additional number of attempts

When refusing a payment, you have the possibility to invite the buyer to make another attempt with another payment method or to re-enter his or her data in case of a data entry error.

To configure the additional number of attempts:

  1. Go to Settings > Shop, then click on the name of the shop for which the configuration must be changed.
  2. Select Configuration.
  3. In the Form API with redirection section, enter the authorized number of additional attempts in case of a rejected payment.
  4. If you wish, you can configure an IPN that will be sent upon each rejected attempt by checking Instant Payment Notification URL on a declined attempt.
  5. Click Save.


Additional attempts are not offered:
  • If the merchant has requested to automatically return to the shop via the vads_redirect_error_timeout field,
  • If the payment is an installment payment,
  • If the payment method does not support additional payment attempts.

    See the integration documentation corresponding to the payment method for more information.