Configuring the display of the counter value currency

The display of the counter-value is required if you use the currency conversion service of the payment gateway.

You can enable or disable the Display of equivalent value for payments with currency conversion in the shop.

By default, the display of the counter value is enabled.

When the gateway receives the amount in a currency different from euro, it makes a conversion into euro based on the daily exchange rate provided by Visa.

The buyer is informed of the indicative rate in euros at the time of payment, but does not really know the final amount of the transaction.

The capture at the bank does not necessarily occur on the day of the authorization and the rate may therefore vary between the date of authorization and the date of capture.

For this reason, the counter value in euro displayed at the time of payment is provided as an indication.

In order to configure the display of the counter value:

  1. Go to Settings > Shop, then click on the name of the shop for which the configuration must be changed.
  2. Select Configuration.
  3. You can check or uncheck the Display of equivalent value box.
  4. Click Save.