Duplicating a transaction

This function allows to create a new transaction with the exact same characteristics (e.g. card number) as the transaction that was used for duplication.

A duplicated transaction has the same characteristics as all the other transactions, and it can be duplicated itself.

During duplication of a transaction, a new authorization request is made with the card number that corresponds to the original transaction. This transaction does not have a payment guarantee.

The payment receipt will be sent to the buyer if the e-mail exists on the transaction used for duplication and if the notification rule associated with sending an e-mail to the buyer is active.

Transactions that can be subject to duplication must have one of the following status(es) :

  • Captured
  • Expired
  • Canceled
  • Declined

The duplication of refused transactions made with Mastercard cards (Mastercard, Maestro, Mastercard Debit) is forbidden when one of the following reasons are mentioned:

  • 04 - Capture card
  • 41 - Lost card
  • 14 - Invalid card number
  • 43 - Stolen card
  • 15 - Invalid issuer
  • 54 - Expired card

  1. Select the transaction.
  2. Click Duplicate.
    The dialog box Duplication of the transaction appears. All of the fields are pre-populated.
    You can modify:
    • The order reference
    • The amount.
    • The currency.
      If the selected currency is not supported the following message is displayed: Unsupported currency for this Merchant ID (MID) and/or shop.
      If the selected currency is supported and multi currency possible in your contract, the conversion rate will be applied. The details of the new transaction will be displayed with both currencies: local currency and new currency.
    • The requested capture date
      It can not be earlier than the transaction modification date.
    • The validation mode by (un)checking Manual validation if you wish
  3. Click Duplicate to continue or Cancel to cancel the duplication.
The transaction can be viewed in the Transactions in progress tab.