Exporting captured transactions

To export Captured transactions, go to the Captured transactions tab:

  1. Search for the desired transactions.

    The merchant can refine the search by applying filters: Shop, Payment period, Characteristics, Amount, etc.

  2. Click on the Export button situated below the list of displayed transactions.
  3. Select the desired type of export to download the file.

The merchant can export into the CSV, XML or Excel format.

The exported data is displayed according to the following naming convention:

Table 1. Labels displayed by default
Column label


Tag label in XML Description Possible value Meaning
Transaction idTransaction Transaction reference    
Order commandeId Order reference    
Type type Nature of transaction Debit | Credit | Verification  
Payment date dateTransmission Date and time when the transaction was recorded by the gateway   Value in the DD/MM/YYYY hh:mm:ss format
Status statut Status of the transaction Cancelation captured | Canceled | Malfunction | Captured | Declined | Capture in progress  
Payment amount montant Transaction amount at a given moment expressed in the smallest currency unit    
Capture date dateRemise Requested date for capture presentation   Value in the DD/MM/YYYY format
Capture No refNumber Capture number    
Terminal ID (TID) terminal ID Number of the terminal associated with the MID    
Reconciliation status statutRapprochement Reconciliation status (manual or automatic) for the transaction Pending  
To be analyzed  
Chargeback cleared  
Reasons for chargeback chargebackReason Reasons for chargeback    
Payment method typeCarteCode Type of payment card   Example: Visa, CB, AMEX, Mastercard, etc.
Wallet wallet      
Card number numCarte Number of the transaction card    
Expiry date dateExpiration     Value in the MM/YYYY format
Type of product typeProduit Card product code    
Shop pdvName Name of the shop for which the transaction was performed    
Token identifiant Token ID    
Recurring payment recurrence Recurring payment identifier    
Buyer clientFullName Buyer's full name    
Buyer e-mail clientMail Buyer's e-mail address    
Buyer's address clientAdresse Buyer's postal address    
Buyer's complement address clientAdresse2 Second line of the address    
Buyer's country clientPays Buyer's country    
Result 3DS condition Specifies the conditions in which the transaction was made from the point of view of 3D Secure 3D_SUCCESS The merchant and the cardholder have enabled 3D Secure and the card has been successfully authenticated
3D_FAILURE The merchant and the buyer have enabled 3D Secure but the authentication has failed
3D_ERROR The merchant has enabled 3D Secure but a technical issue has occurred
3D_NOTENROLLED The merchant has enabled 3D Secure but the buyer is not enrolled
3D_ATTEMPT The merchant and the cardholder have enabled 3D Secure but the cardholder was unable to authenticate
SSL The cardholder has not authenticated:
  • either the card type is not supported by 3D Secure
  • or the merchant or the cardholder has not enabled 3D Secure
Liability shift garantiePaiement Indicates whether the payment is guaranteed to the merchants according to the regulations 3D Secure YES Payment guaranteed
NO Payment not guaranteed
UNKNOWN Guarantee cannot be determined by the system
Risks ctrlRisque      
Card number control carteFraud The card number is on the greylist    
IP address control ipFraud The IP address is on the greylist    
BIN code control binFraud The BIN code is on the greylist    
Payment method country control paysCarteSuspect The card issuing country is on the greylist or whitelist (depending on the shop configuration)    
IP country control paysIPSuspect      
Outstanding control encoursAtteint      
Auth. uncond. control ctrlCas Control of cards with unconditional authorization    
E-carte bleue control ctrlEcb Verification of e-carte bleue    
Business commercial card control ctrlCardCial      
Country consistency control ctrlPaysIncoherents Consistency control between the IP country, the card and the buyer    

Table 2. Labels available for customization
Column label


Tag label in XML Description Possible value Meaning
Shipping address livAdresse      
BIC customerBic Bank Identifier Code   International code allowing to identify a financial institution in the country where it is established
Present card cardPresent      
Merchant ID numContrat Merchant ID number    
Reconciliation comment commentaireRapprochement      
Commission commissionRendered      
Authorization date autoDate     Value in the MM/YYYY format
Creation date date     Value in the MM/YYYY format
Validation date dateValidation     Value in the MM/YYYY format
Expected date of fund transfer dateFundsTransfer     Value in the MM/YYYY format
Shipping recipient livDestinataire     Value in the MM/YYYY format
Error details codeErreur      
Currency deviseCommandeId      
Capture currency deviseId      
IBAN customerIban     International identification code attributed to a bank account for performing operations from any country in the world
Shop ID pdvCle      
Compl. Info. info      
Compl. Info.2 info2      
Compl. Info.3 info3      
Extra info. infosExtra Merchant empty field (vads_order_info)    
User details userInfo Information about the user who made the payment.   This field is populated as follows depending on the payment origin:
  • Contents of the vads_user_info variable transmitted by the merchant in case of a payment via the Hosted Payment Page.
  • Login of the Back Office user account for manual payment or a payment order,
  • JS Client” for a payment via the JavaScript client.
  • Empty for all the other cases.
Buyer's IP clientIP Buyer's IP address    
Buyer's language clientLanguage      
Payment mode typePaiement Payment indicator 0 Single payment
1 Payment in installments
Authorized amount autoMontant Transaction amount during the payment expressed in the smallest currency unit    
Currency amount montantCommande      
Auth. number numeroAuto      
Payment option optPaiement      
Shipping country livPays      
Payment method country paysCarte      
Buyer reference clientCode Buyer reference    
Sequence sequence      
E-commerce solution contrib      
Payment source paymentSource      
Instant Payment Notification URL status checkStatut      
Buyer's cell phone clientTelephoneMobile      
Buyer's phone clientTelephone      
Recipient's phone livTelephone      
Buyer's title clientTitre      
Initial transaction orgHash      
External transaction idTransactionEx      
UUID transaction hash UUID (Universally Unique IDentifier) - transaction identifier