Payment session expiration

The payment method is enrolled for 3D Secure and strong authentication (challenge) was required.

The buyer’s browser was redirected to the buyer’s bank’s authentication website (ACS).

The URL of the authentication website (ACS) is indicated in the 3D Secure section corresponding to the protocol used for authentication.

At this stage the payment gateway is still waiting for the browser to return.

After 10 minutes without a response (duration of the payment session), the payment is refused with the “149 - payment session expired” error.

Here are some of the possible causes:
  • The buyer took too long to authenticate,
  • The buyer has closed the authentication window,
  • The buyer has not received the authentication code by SMS,
  • The buyer has installed a plugin on his or her browser or an antivirus that prevents the ACS page from being opened,
  • The ACS page was not displayed because the ACS server is unavailable,
  • The ACS page is not displayed correctly.

The payment gateway is never responsible for these errors as it does not manage the banks’ authentication servers and never interacts with them.

Only the buyer’s browser interacts with the authentication servers.