Refunding a transaction

This operation makes it possible to re-credit a customer’s account after a transaction.

The customer account is credited with the refunded amount, the merchant account is debited with the same amount.

The refund is only available for captured transactions. Depending on the acquirer, it is possible to partially or fully refund the transaction amount.

The refund delay after the initial transaction date also depends on the acquirer or the network.

For example:
  • Until the card expiry within the CB network. Refund forbidden to an expired card.
  • 60 days within the PAYPAL network.
  • 15 months within the AMEXGLOBAL network.
  • 20 days within the ONEY_API network.

For more information, see the reference documentation for the concerned payment method.

Case of chargebacks: Any attempt to refund an unpaid transaction will be rejected.

  1. Go to the Captured transactions tab.
  2. Select the transaction.
  3. Click Making a refund. The dialog box Transaction refund appears.

    Example of a full refund

    Example of a partial refund

  4. Enter the amount that you want to refund. The input field appears if partial refund is possible.
  5. Click Perform refund. Details of this operation appear.