Sending a payment order from a declined transaction

After a declined payment, you have the option to send to your buyer a payment order from the declined payment.

During this second attempt, the buyer will have, for example, the possibility to change the payment method.


To use this option, your offer must include payment by e-mail.

  1. Display the Transactions in progress tab
  2. Select the declined transaction.
  3. Right click on the transaction.

  4. Select Send a payment order in the menu.
    Several possibilities in choosing the model of the e-mail :
    • The Default e-mail template allows you to send without personalization and in the language of the Merchant Back Office.
    • The Custom template allows you to go to the payment order editor by e-mail and personalize your e-mail (subject, content, validity period, selective 3DS on the order).
    • other templates allow you to send the email directly by just selecting the template name.
    Sending the email is immediate without going through the mail payment order editor if you select a template. A confirmation page is displayed.

  5. Confirm by clicking Yes.

Your buyer will receive a payment order with the same amount already declined. He or she just needs to follow the link to resume the payment.