Viewing completed transaction controls

This tab is present only if you have opted for the Risk assessment service.

By default, all controls are disabled. Controls must be configured individually for each shop (Settings > Risk assessment).

To see the controls performed on the transaction, go to the Risk assessment tab.

Controls are classified by risk category (map controls, contextual controls, country, etc.).

For each control, the result can be:
  • n/a: control not performed or non applicable,
  • green icon: control successfully completed – no alerts raised,
  • yellow icon: alert raised,
  • red icon: control failed.

The Control result section provides the overall control result:

  • n/a: all the not completed or non applicable controls,
  • green icon: all the successfully completed controls – no alerts raised,
  • yellow icon: one or more alerts raised,
  • red icon: one or more controls failed.

If one or more controls fail, the payment is refused and a red exclamation mark appears in the tab name.