Viewing installment payment details

A payment is considered to be an “installment payment” if the amount for the purchase is debited to the buyer’s account in several installments.

A transaction is created for each installment of a recurring payment on the day of payment.

Therefore, the Installment payment tab is only displayed for this transaction type.

Figure 1. Example of the Installment payment tab

An installment payment is not credit, but a payment solution offered by the merchant.

The merchant alone bears the risk of non-payment of the installment payments.

The first installment can be subject to strong authentication and benefit from a payment guarantee.

This is not the case for the subsequent installments.

The Installment payment tab contains the following information:
  • Total amount of the order,
  • The payment schedule detailing the number of installments, the amount of each installment, the installment dates and the status of the associated transactions.

    The highlighted line indicates which installment you are currently looking at.

Double-clicking an installment opens the details of the associated transaction.