Viewing payment characteristics

Payment characteristics are displayed by default.

The Details tab contains the following information:

  • Transaction identification and the UUID
    Displays the unique transaction number generated by the payment gateway, the merchant order reference (if transmitted), the name of the shop, the shop ID, the amount, the transaction currency and the type of operation (debit or credit).
  • Information about the transaction lifecycle
    Displays the current status of the transaction, the creation date of the transaction (may be different from the authorization date), the requested capture date and the reconciliation status if the transaction already has the Captured by the acquirer status.
  • Payment method
    Provides information about the used payment method.
  • Information about authorization data
    Regardless of the used payment method, the acquirer return code is returned unchanged (important for private and foreign acquirers). This section contains the acquirer contract that was used for the authorization (can be overridden by the form or if the ON US rules apply), the authorization number, information about the imprint if a pre-authorization has been made, the date and time of the authorization.
  • Technical data
    Provides the status of the IPN URL and a key generated by the payment gateway that validates the integrity of all the returned data.
  • Source details
    Provides the version of the used browser, the details of the payment module version (if provided), the version of the used e-commerce solution and the payment source (e-commerce, Back Office, Web Services with the used version).