Viewing the advanced risk assessment result

The Advanced risk assessment tab lists the controls carried out throughout the payment and the decisions that have been made.

For the Advanced risk assessment tab to be visible, you must enable transaction redirection to the risk management module.

For more information on configuring risk assessment, see the Advanced Risk Assessment Back Office user guide.

  • No rules raised

    The transaction does not match the criteria configured in Advanced Risk Assessment, or no rules have been configured or enabled.

  • 1 or more rules raised

    Depending on the rules enabled by the merchant, the payment gateway can make several calls to the fraud management module during the payment:
    • after validation of the input data
    • after completing strong authentication
    • after the authorization request
    For each call, 2 pieces of information are available:
    • The Rule raised during the call x which lists the rules for which the transaction matches the criteria of the controls enabled by the merchant.
    • The Decision made during the call x which lists the actions that have been carried out in accordance with the rules defined by the merchant.

    Notes on actions:

    Some actions are cumulative, for example “Notify Merchant” and “Enable / Disable 3D Secure”.

    “Refuse” has priority over “Validate manually”.

    “Enable 3D Secure” cancels “Disable 3D Secure”.

  • Payment rejected by the fraud management module

    When a control results in a rejected payment, a red exclamation mark is displayed to the left of the tab name:

    The error detail visible in the Details tab is then populated with 147: