Viewing transactions

Via the Management menu, the merchant has access to real and TEST transactions.


Depending on the access rights, TEST transactions (e.g.: developer profile) and/or real transactions (e.g.: accountant profile) can be displayed.

The user interface is presented as follows:

  • Dashboard
    History of the turnover

  • Search tool
    • Transactions is progress
    Allows you to search for all the transactions that have not yet been captured (e.g. expired, refused, waiting for authorization, to be validated, pre-authorized, waiting for capture, etc.).
    • Captures
    Allows to find the list of all the captures sorted by the acquirer contract.
    • Captured transactions
    Allows to find all the transactions captured by the acquirer.

  • Transaction details view

The content of the Transactions in progress tab is displayed by default. All the transactions of the day are listed. Old transactions can be accessed via search.

Click on the Captured transactions tab to display captured payments.

You always have the possibility to make exports.