Accessing the user management page

Users are managed by E-commerce customer service.

However, it can be delegated to any user with user management rights.

If your user does not have these rights, please contact your company administrator or contact E-commerce customer service.

The user management page is accessible via the Merchant Back Office (Settings > Company > Users tab).

This tab is visible only if your user has the user management rights.

In this tab, depending on your rights, you can:
  • Manage user access permissions by right-clicking a username
  • Create a new user
  • Associate permissions with a user
  • Disable user access
  • Search for a user
  • Customize user detail display

All the changes applied to users are recorded. Update history is accessible via Settings > Company > Event log tab.

Specific update details can be viewed by double-clicking the update in question.

A Merchant Back Office user is automatically purged:
  • When his or her account has been disabled for 500 days.
  • If he or she has not logged in for 500 days.
  • If his or her password expired over 500 days ago.
  • If his or her password was blocked over 500 days ago.