Configuring the user access mode

This action is performed by a user authorized to manage user accounts. For more information on granting this permission to manage user accounts, please contact E-commerce customer service.

  1. Search for a merchant user (see chapter Searching for a user).
  2. Select the user and right-click to display the context menu.
  3. Click on Authorize access and select the desired access mode.
    • Test: the user will only have access to test environment.
    • Production: the user will only have access to production environment.
    • Test and Production: the user has access to both environments.

      The user can view test and production transactions. Depending on the user permissions, he or she can make payments in test mode via payment orders, for example.

      The test environment is partitioned. The displayed data and the completed actions do not interfere with the production environment.

  4. Click Save.