Creating a merchant user

It is possible to create merchant users and define their permissions for each shop. This function can be delegated to the merchant if he/she has user management privileges.

A user can be multi-company if he/she has several company shops associated with his/her account.

To create a user.

  1. Click on the Create a user button in the Users tab.

    The Create a user button can also be accessed by right-clicking an existing user.

    The creation page appears.
  2. Populate at least the mandatory fields marked with an asterisk.
    • Title
    • First name
    • Name
    • Theme selected from the list
      The information that will be shared via your account will use the chosen time zone.
    • Provider chosen from the list.
      The content of the list depends on the permissions of the connected user.
      When you create a user via the Merchant Back Office, the Provider field does not appear.
    • E-mail
      Please enter a valid e-mail address. Your first connection identifier and password will be sent to this address.
  3. Populate the optional fields.
    • Login
      This identifier will be associated with the connection password. A default value is proposed.


      If the Create a user button is grayed out although a login has been chosen, this login might already exist. In this case, the user should enter another login or let the system generate a new login automatically.

    • Language
      The selected language will be the default language used for communication (e.g. by e-mail) on your account.
    • Phone(s)
  4. Check the Read only box if you wish.
    Using Read only allows to define the permission to read/write for a user.
    If enabled, the user cannot make any changes. The user can only view information depending on their rights.
  5. Click Create

You have the possibility to associate access privileges with the company and/or shops when creating a user or associate them later. See chapter Associating privileges with a merchant user.