Resetting the user password

This action is performed by a user authorized to manage user accounts. For more information on granting this permission to manage user accounts, please contact E-commerce customer service.

Password reset is often performed upon request and/or in case another user is blocked.


If a user requests a reset for the sole purpose of changing their password, you can redirect them to their own account in the Merchant Back Office. They will then be able to choose a new password by clicking on their Name > Change password.

If a user wants to reset their password on their own, for example after forgetting it, they can do so by clicking on the Forgotten password or locked account link on the login page in the Merchant Back Office. The detailed process is described in the FAQ.

  1. Search for a merchant user (see chapter Searching for a user).
  2. Select the user and right-click to display the context menu.
  3. Click on Reset password.

    The confirmation request page appears.

  4. Click Yes to confirm.

    An e-mail is immediately transmitted to the user to inform them of the new connection identifiers. The security code will be requested upon the first connection.

    To facilitate the (re)transmission of the security code to the user, the following message is displayed:

    The password of the user xxxxxxx has been successfully reset. If necessary, send them the security code of your company: xxxxx.

    • Copy the security code to the clipboard

      One click on the button allows to copy the security code to the clipboard.

      You simply need to paste it into an e-mail or into another medium of your choice to send it to the user.


    For security reasons, if a user enters an incorrect security code three times, their account will be locked and any new entry attempts will be systematically refused. The user will then have to contact the technical support