How to use the risk assessment?


To use risk assessment with OpenMage, you must:

  • Sign up for the Systempay offer that includes the “Risk assessment” option.
  • Configure an informational control according to one of the criteria available in the Merchant Back Office.

In order to not alert the buyers, the order status displayed on the OpenMage side will be “Processing”.

  1. Sign in to the OpenMage Back Office.
  2. Go to the Sales > Orders menu.
  3. When a transaction triggers informative control, the order status changes to Suspected Fraud.
  4. Search for the order and click on View.
  5. Two buttons will appear: Accept Payment and Deny Payment.

Accept the payment

Clicking Accept Payment results in changing the order status to Processing or Payment Review.

Refuse the payment

Clicking Deny Payment results in changing the order status to Canceled.

If your store has an offer including Web Services, the order will be automatically canceled. Otherwise, a cancellation must also be made via the Systempay Back Office.