3D Secure v2 allows an exemption from strong authentication for my customers, how can I benefit from it?

In v2 3D Secure mode, if your store has the “Frictionless 3DS2” option, you have the possibility1 to request an exemption from the authentication principle. This concerns transactions of less than €30 and within the limit of either 5 consecutive operations or a total amount of less than €100.

You can configure this exemption rule using your payment form ("vads_threeds_mpi" field).

Your client’s bank (the “issuing bank”) will ultimately decide to grant an authentication exemption to its client.

Warning: if the issuing bank grants an exemption from authentication that you have requested, you do not benefit from the payment guarantee. The issuing bank will be entitled to issue a chargeback in the event that a transaction is disputed by the cardholder.