How can I raise an alert with the advanced risk assessment?

The merchant has:

  • opted for the Systempay offer that includes the Advanced risk assessment option,
  • enabled a rule whose action sends an alert to the merchant website (via the IPN).

When the risk module applies the rule for a transaction, the order status is set to Suspected fraud.

In the order details view, the merchant can accept or reject the payment:

Accept the payment

By clicking Accept Payment:

  • the order status changes to Processing,
  • the paid amount is not updated,
  • the bill is not edited.

We recommend merchants to perform this action only if the transaction status is Waiting for capture.

If the transaction has not been yet validated by the bank (case of deferred payment - the transaction status is Waiting for authorization), the merchant must not update the order status as long as the payment result is not definitive.

The merchant must then click on Invoice to:

  • update the paid amount
  • edit the bill

Refuse the payment

By clicking Deny Payment:

  • If you have opted for the Systempay offer with the Web Services option, the transaction status changes to Canceled
  • If you have opted for the Systempay offer without the Web Services option, a message will inform you that the payment must be canceled in the Back Office Systempay
  • The order status changes to Canceled