How do I customize the payment method title that is displayed to the buyer?

The title suggested by the payment module for each sub module can be changed in any language.

For example, the standard payment sub module will display Payment by credit card by default. If you wish to modify it:

  1. Sign in to your PrestaShop Merchant Back Office.
  2. In PrestaShop 1.7: go to Modules > Module manager.
  3. In PrestaShop 1.6: go to Modules and services > Modules and services.
  4. Search for the Systempay payment module and click Configure.
  5. Expand the STANDARD PAYMENT menu.
  6. Replace the Title of the payment method with the desired label.
  7. If your shop is presented in multiple languages, a drop-down list will appear to the right of the editable area.

    Click on it and select the language of your choice to change the title of another language (fr=French, en=English, es=Spanish, etc.).