How do I manage delivery to Corsica and overseas France?

To facilitate delivery management, it is common to add a new country to separate Corsica or overseas France from mainland France.

However, our payment module will use the ISO code provided by you:

  • Either this code does not exist and an error will appear during the payment: 22-CUST_COUNTRY.
  • Or this country code exists and this is the country that will appear via the Merchant Back Office.

We therefore recommend you to not add a country for specifying a French department, but rather to proceed as follows:

  1. Sign into your PrestaShop Back Office.
  2. Go to International > Locations.
  3. Go to the Zones tab and click Add new zone.
  4. Enter the name of the department of your choice in Name and click Save.
  5. Click again on Add new zone and create a new area for other departments of France, you can name it Metropolitan France, for example.
  6. Click on Countries, search for France and click Edit.
  7. In the Address format section, add the area field (name) located in STATE.
  8. Search for the Does it need Zip/postal code parameter, set it to YES and click Save.
  9. Go to the States tab and click on Add new state.
  10. Enter the following information:
    • Name: Name of the department or region.
    • ISO code: take the ISO 3166-2 code into account (
    • Country: France
    • Area: Select the area that you have created in step 4.
    • Repeat the same operation for other departments.
  11. You can now enter shipping fees for the area that contains the specific region.