How to cancel an ongoing subscription via WooCommerce Subscription?

IMPORTANT: To cancel a subscription via the WooCommerce Back Office, it is mandatory to:

  • Use WooCommerce Subscriptions, if you use another module you must ask a developer to integrate this feature for you.
  • Have the Web Services REST Subscription option.
  • Configure the REST API keys Web Services.

You can configure Web Services in the payment module: General configuration > REST API keys > the parameters in question are Test password and Production password.

To cancel a subscription:

  1. Sign in to the Wordpress Back Office.
  2. Go to WooCommerce > Subscriptions.
  3. Search for a subscription that you would like to cancel.
  4. Click Cancel to make a cancellation request.
  5. Click Cancel now to confirm the cancellation.

NOTE: The buyer can also request a subscription cancellation. However, the merchant will have to confirm the cancellation to end the subscription (step 5).