How to enable 3D Secure for my MID?

When you registered, you decided not to enable 3D Secure. However, after receiving a chargeback, you changed your mind.

Your Merchant Back Office allows you to enable 3D Secure on your Merchant IDs in a few clicks.

Note that once activated, only your bank or E-commerce customer service is allowed to disable 3D Secure. You will not be able to go back without an action on their part.

To activate 3D Secure on your Merchant IDs:

  1. Click Settings > Company from your Merchant Back Office.
  2. In the Authentication tab, you will find the list of Merchant IDs and their enrollment statuses.
  3. Find the Merchant ID for which you want to enable 3D Secure.
  4. Click Enable.
    3D Secure is now activated for your Merchant ID.