How to manage the PrestaShop order ID?

The PrestaShop order ID is generated once the payment has been finalized. This is why when PrestaShop calls the payment platform, the order ID does not yet exist. Only the shopping cart number is generated and sent to the payment gateway.

In the Merchant Back Office, the registered order ID corresponds to the shopping cart number of PrestaShop.

Therefore, it is normal that you cannot see the order ID in the payment confirmation e-mails sent by Systempay. Only the shopping cart number is displayed.

Modification of the PrestaShop code:

You have the possibility to modify the PrestaShop code in order to display the shopping cart ID in the PrestaShop order table.

To do that, open the following file: AdminOrdersController.php (controllers/admin directory)

After the following code (around line 82):

$this->fields_list = array

( 'id_order' => array(

'title' => $this->trans('ID', array(), 'Admin.Global'),

'align' => 'text-center',

'class' => 'fixed-width-xs'


Add the following code:

'id_cart' => array(

'title' => $this->l('Shopping cart'),

'align' => 'center',

'width' => 25),

The addition of this code will allow to display a column entitled Shopping cart between the ID and Reference columns.