How to perform a refund from the PrestaShop Back Office?

WARNING: Your shop must have the REST Web Services option activated to be allowed to perform a refund from your CMS.

Before performing a refund, make sure you have properly configured the REST API keys section in the General Configuration menu of the payment module.

To perform a refund operation from your CMS Back Office:

  1. Go to the Order Settings > Order Settings menu of the Prestashop Back Office.
  2. Select the order that you would like to refund.

Performing a partial refund:

  1. Click Partial refund or Standard refund.
    The Standard refund button appears only if Enable Returns has been activated (Customer service > Merchandise Returns menu).
  2. Select the quantity of products/items (check the box if necessary) and/or the amount to be refunded.
  3. Make sure the box Generate a credit slip is checked. If not, check it.
  4. Check the box Refund the buyer via Web Services with Systempay.
  5. Click Partial refund.

The order status remains unchanged until the order is fully refunded.

Performing a total refund:

  1. Change the order status with the help of the drop-down list.
  2. Select the Refunded with PayZen status.
  3. Click Update status.

If product returns are enabled, you can also refund the order as follows:

  • Click Standard refund.
  • Check the quantity box for ALL the items.
  • Check the Shipping box, if it is available.
  • Make sure the Generate a credit note box is checked. If not, check it.
  • Check the box Refund the buyer via Web Services with Systempay.
  • Click Standard refund.

The order status changes to Refunded with Systempay.