How to reset my password?

It is very simple. To obtain a new password if you lose or forget it :

  1. Go to the login page of your Merchant Back Office:
  2. Click on the link Forgotten password or locked account.

    Figure 1. Password resetting request

  3. Enter your username in the login field.
  4. Fill in the e-mail associated with your username in the E-mail field.
  5. Click the Validate button.
    The following warning message appears.
  6. Click OK after reading the message.

You will then receive, by e-mail, a temporary password which will allow you to define a new password. You will be asked to enter your first connection code to confirm the password change.


For security reasons, if you enter an incorrect first connection code, your account will be locked and any new entry attempts will be systematically refused. You must contact

Figure 2. Authentication and password change

Important: If you have not received the reset proposal email, make sure you have entered the correct login or email address correctly. Also check that the email has not landed in the spam inbox.

You do not know your first connection code?