I am changing my web hosting provider, what should I do in Systempay?

In case of changing web hosting provider:

  • If the domain name changes
    current URL: http://example.net
    • Change the notification URLs in your Merchant Back Office
      1. Go to the Setup > Notification Rules menu, and click the Instant Payment Notification tab.
      2. For each enabled rule, double-click the rule name to access the rule settings.
      3. In the Instant Payment Notification URL of the API form V1, V2 section, change the URL to call in TEST and PRODUCTION mode.
      4. Save the changes.
      5. Proceed in the same way for each enabled rule.
    • Change the default URLs in your Merchant Back Office:
      1. Go to the Setup > Shop > Configuration menu.
      2. In the Details section, change the URL field.
      3. In the Return URL section, change the Return URL of the Shop in TEST mode field and Return URL of the Shop in PRODUCTION mode.
      4. Save the changes.
    • Check the URLs submitted by your website
      1. Do you use a proprietary solution?

        Ask your webmaster (or your developer) to check if the different URLs are transmitted in the payment form and modify them accordingly.

        Here is the list of fields to check:

        Field label Description
        vads_shop_url Shop URL
        vads_url_return Default return URL to the shop
        vads_url_success Return URL to the shop in case of accepted payment
        vads_url_refused Return URL to the shop in case of declined payment
        vads_url_cancel Return URL to the shop in case of cancellation
        vads_url_error Return URL to the shop in case of technical error
        vads_url_check Instant Payment Notification URL at the end of the payment
      2. Do you use a payment module provided by Systempay?

        In this case no action is necessary. The module dynamically retrieves the URL configured on your website.

        Simply change the URL in the IPN configuration as described above.

  • If the domain name does not change
    My current URL: http://example.net
    My new URL: http://example.net
    • Respect the DNS propagation delay
      The Domain Name Server (DNS) propagation is the time taken to account for this change in the DNS configuration.
      Indeed, when you change your host, some requests will continue to arrive to the old host for a few days (48 to 72h).


    DNS is essential to the functioning of the Internet. It allows to establish the correspondence between your domain name (http://example.com) and its IP address (

    To access your website, the buyer should use Thanks to DNS, the buyer can connect to http://example.com (easier to remember) to access the shop.