Why do some orders not appear in PrestaShop?

The fact that some orders do not appear in the PrestaShop Back Office can be related to several things:

  1. Make sure that the notification URL is configured correctly: Search for the Setting up the Instant Payment Notification chapter in the documentation and make sure that you have configured it correctly. As a reminder, the documentation is available in the configuration section of the module: Click to access the module configuration documentation.
  2. Check the response code of the call to the notification URL: Sign in via the Merchant Back Office, find the transaction in question and double click it.

    In the Details tab, search for IPN URL status and check that the status is Sent. The most common errors are:

    • Error 500

      Sometimes the error 500 appears when calling the Instant Payment Notification URL. This error is an application bug and it does not mean that the problem comes from our module. To view the error details, you must enable the apache logs of your server and search the call that provoked the error.

      If you do not have access to the server logs, please refer to the chapter How do I display 500 errors in PrestaShop? in the FAQ to have the errors displayed on the return page.

    • Error 404

      Make sure that the notification URL is configured correctly (see the first section of this article).

  3. Make sure that the module answered the call correctly: To check the module response, sign in via the Merchant Back Office, find the transaction in question and double click it.

    Click the History tab and select the Instant Payment Notification URL call line in the Complementary information box: Instant Payment Notification URL call, you should see the following: OK-Accepted payment, order has been updated.

    If you see the message fatal error, it can be related to:
    • The used notification URL is linked to a closed shop or a shop under maintenance: In case of a multi-shop mode, our module displays the URL of the PrestaShop store by default. If the shop is closed or under maintenance, you will need to enter the URL of another shop in the Merchant Back Office.
    • An error on the CMS side: In this case you will have to look in the error logs of your server to understand the problem, for example:
      • validateOrder - Secure key does not match: Rare case of a buyer who creates two identical customer accounts by making a wrong manipulation, PrestaShop creates a secureKey in the ps_cart table different from the secureKey of the ps_customer table.

        The solution would therefore be to use an identical secureKey in both tables and then retry the call to the notification URL.