error 10102

In PRODUCTION mode, if your buyer gets an error message such as:

An error occurred during the payment request, please make sure that the posted parameters match the ones specified in the documentation.

It becomes impossible to make the payment and the transaction is definitively lost.

You will receive an e-mail notification containing the form that the gateway was unable to process and the value of the invalid field.

We invite you to check the following reason(s) to resolve the issue:

No card types enabled within your MIDs can be used

Your shop is associated with one or several MIDs.

At least one of these MIDs is "eligible" to process the payment request.

However, none of the card types enabled within the "eligible" MID(s) correspond to the criteria defined in the payment form.

The error page states the reason for which every card type has been invalidated for this payment request.

There can be many possible reasons, including:

  • the payment restrictions are not respected (minimum/maximum amount)
  • the card type does not support deferred payments
  • the card type does not support installment payments
  • the card type does not support recurring payments
  • ...

You can update your payment form to reduce the number of returned errors.