error 10151

In PRODUCTION mode, if your buyer gets an error message such as:

An error occurred during the payment request, please make sure that the posted parameters match the ones specified in the documentation.

It becomes impossible to make the payment and the transaction is definitively lost.

You will receive an e-mail notification containing the form that the gateway was unable to process and the value of the invalid field.

We invite you to check the following reason to resolve the issue:

The quantity of the shopping cart items is mandatory for this payment type.
You have requested the creation of a payment on a network that requires sending the quantity of items in the authorization request. Here is the list of networks concerned:

However, the vads_product_qty field is missing from your payment form.

To resolve the issue:
  • Edit your payment form to transmit the quantity of the shopping item via the following field: vads_product_qtyN.

( N corresponds to the index of the item).