error 132

In PRODUCTION mode, if your Buyer gets an error message such as:

An error occurred during the payment request, please make sure that the posted parameters match the ones specified in the documentation.

It becomes impossible to make the payment and the transaction is definitively lost.

You will receive an e-mail notification containing the form that the gateway was unable to process and the value of the invalid field.

The 132 - signature_wallet_two_steps error appears only if there is a signature problem during a transaction in two-step via a wallet. Example: Masterpass in 2 steps.

The signature computation problem occurred while sending your second payment form.

We invite you to check the following causes.

The MODE (TEST or PRODUCTION) or the key is incorrect.

You can use the gateway in TEST or PRODUCTION mode.

Each mode has its key. Make sure that you use the correct key according to the desired mode.

Check your key in the Settings > Shop menu > Keys tab of your Merchant Back Office.

The signature is not transmitted or the transmitted one does not match with the signature computation rule.

Check that the signature field is present in your form.

Check that the signature field is spelled correctly (all lowercase).

Make sure the field value is not empty.

When computing, the values of the following parameters are required in this order: vads_amount + vads_ctx_mode + vads_currency + vads_payment_option_code + vads_site_id

Check that you have not forgotten a parameter or added an optional parameter.

Make sure the fields were sorted correctly.

Reminder of the computation method

  1. Sort the fields starting with vads_ alphabetically.
  2. Concatenate the values of these fields separating them with the “+” character.
  3. Add the value of the key at the end of the chain separating them with the “+” character.
  4. According to the signature algorithm defined in your shop configuration:
    1. if your shop is configured to use “SHA-1”, apply the SHA-1 hash function to the chain obtained during the previous step.
    2. if your shop is configured to use “HMAC-SHA-256”, compute and encode in Base64 format the message signature using the HMAC-SHA-256 algorithm with the following parameters:
      • the SHA-256 hash function,
      • the test or production key (depending on the value of the vads_ctx_mode field) as a shared key,
      • the result of the previous step as the message to authenticate.

For more information, please refer to the Hosted Payment Form Implementation Guide.