Using additional features

PayPal has put in place a program of merchant protection that allows to protect a merchant in case of a legal dispute with a buyer.

In order to benefit from this protection when selling physical objects, one must transmit the product description and the shipping address to the payment platform so that it can, in turn, transmit this information to PayPal.

The shipping details correspond to all the fields starting with vads_ship_. For more information, see chapter Transmitting shipping details.

If this data is not transmitted to PayPal, the merchant will not be able to benefit from any protection.

The protection is not automatically attributed to all merchants. For more information, please contact PayPal or visit their website at

To obtain a custom form adapted to your needs, you can use additional optional features from the list below:

  • Manage the payment methods offered to the buyer on the payment page
  • Transmit buyer details (title, e-mail address, etc.)
  • Transmit shipping details (address, etc.)
  • Transmit order details (reference, shopping cart contents, etc.)